How To Calculate The Cost Of Using Nylon Masterbatch?

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Calculate the cost of coloring of nylon masterbatch should be deducted the weight of the color masterbatch itself.

For example: 100 kg plastic resin by adding 2 kg color masterbatch, this time the total weight has been 102 kg, assuming that the resin price of 10 yuan / kg, color masterbatch price of 20 yuan / kg,

Then 102 kg of plastic products due to the use of color masterbatch and increase the cost:

2 kg × (20 yuan / kg -10 yuan / kg) = 20 yuan

Converted into every 100 kilograms of plastic products due to the use of Color Masterbatch and increase the cost:

20 yuan / 102 kg × 100 kg = 19.61 yuan

Will the use of nylon masterbatch increase product costs?

In most cases this is the case. But in some cases, the use of nylon masterbatch coloring than the use of toner coloring economy, because the color division can be a combination of several lower prices to achieve a higher price pigment pigment coloring effect.

Also consider the following two phenomena:

(1) In many cases, the plastic products manufacturers in the use of color when the pigment is not the most economical, and because the pigment is not familiar with, color repeated trial, resulting in human and material waste is very common. The use of color masterbatch does not exist this problem.

(2) with nylon masterbatch coloring products and coloring products with the color of its grade is completely different, and its price should be higher, higher than the price is often higher than the cost of using the color masterbatch , So the color master but can create "profit". From this point of view, in some cases, the use of color masterbatch coloring than the use of toner to be "economic".

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