Nylon Masterbatch Production Process Problems Encountered?

- Aug 09, 2017 -

For another brand of resin, the same color masterbatch and formula, the color has changed?

Different grades of resin its density and melt index will be different, so the performance of the resin will be different from the compatibility of the masterbatch will be different, resulting in color changes, in general, as long as its density and melt index difference is not Big, then the color difference will not be too much, you can adjust the amount of color master to correct the color.

How does the pigment transfer phenomenon affect the quality of the product during the storage process?

Some color masterbatch pigment content (or dye) is very high, in this case, the occurrence of migration is normal. Especially the addition of dye color masterbatch, will occur serious migration phenomenon. But this does not affect the quality of the product, because the color masterbatch into the product, the pigment in the product in the normal color concentration.

Why some of the injection products shiny bad?

There are several possibilities:

1. The nozzle temperature of the injection molding machine is too low

2. Injection molding machine mold finish is not good

3. Product molding cycle is too long

4. Color Masterbatch contains too much titanium dioxide

5. Color Masterbatch dispersion is not good

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