Polyester BCF Masterbatch Selection Of Materials

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Polyester BCF Color Masterbatch Concentration: Color Masterbatch Concentration Up to 60%

Polyester BCF color masterbatch color fastness: color fastness of seven or more, and through the United States UL safety product certification

Polyester BCF color masterbatch full color, color fine, stable quality, in line with environmental protection

Polyester BCF masterbatch non-toxic harmless, in line with national health standards, long-term antibacterial effect, can be used for plastics and chemical fiber.

All products of the company through ROHS environmental testing. Rigorous quality testing in depth to all aspects of production to ensure that the products are perfect.

The company's products have ROHS, all production in accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system implementation, and through the hazardous substances management QC080000 certification.

Polyester BCF masterbatch excellent choice of materials, bright color stability, good temperature resistance, excellent filtration performance, long textile cycle, good dispersion, good weather resistance, no migration, can be directly mixed with the use of resin, easy color change, quality Stability, quality assurance. According to the customer's environmental requirements, for different colors, monofilament fineness, cross-sectional shape, temperature, light and other performance requirements, to provide personalized service

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