Polyester Masterbatch Has Good Compatibility

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Polyester Masterbatch is made from a high proportion of pigments or additives with a thermoplastic resin, and a good dispersion of the plastic colorant. The resin selected has good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant and has a good phase with the colored material Capacitive.

Ie: Pigment or Dye + Carrier + Additive = Color Masterbatch

First, the polyester masterbatch in the cable processing industry applications:

① the use of local communication cable ---- City, then the cable is the polyethylene (PE) package copper wire made of communication cable for telephone and network communications. On the color masterbatch and pigment dispersion and insulation and anti-aging requirements are relatively high

② cross-linked aerial cable applications ---- the main material for the polyethylene (PE), mainly black, pigment and color masterbatch weathering resistance to dispersion and insulation requirements are very high. With the construction of national and urban power grids, the amount will continue to increase.

③ cable sheathing materials in the application of ---- the main material for the polyethylene (PE), in addition to electrical performance and physical performance requirements, due to against UV and blocking the sun performance requirements are relatively high, so most of the use of light shielding better Carbon black.

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