Special Requirements For Masterbatch For Pipe And Precautions

- Aug 09, 2017 -

1, the basic requirements of pipe masterbatch

(1) better dispersion

(2) the stability of high temperature processing

(3) can not be colored migration (run color) phenomenon

(4) particle size must be consistent with the size of the particle size of the basic plastic raw material used, which is conducive to uniform mixing during coloring and uniform coloring

(5) the use of masterbatch appropriate ratio, 1 to 4% more appropriate (to avoid causing uneven coloring or waste)

Masterbatch - Lu Yan

2, pipe masterbatch common application notes

(1) ratio: according to the description of the use of the proportion of the correct combination of color, or to determine the appropriate proportion of the test

(2) mixed evenly: pay attention to prevent the operation of machinery and equipment generated by static electricity, interference and the combination of raw materials

(3) temperature: the temperature of the processing machine must be precise control, the upper limit temperature should not leave the margin, otherwise it will cause adverse effects of products (200 ℃ processing can not be set to 230 ℃)

(4) set the temperature and the measured temperature difference, should pay attention to whether the die filter is blocked

(5) downtime: the machine in the shutdown, the first should be all the internal feeding finished, especially to change the color, it should be so. Need to add no color masterbatch a little raw materials, the machine with the base material of the base material all away, clear and then shut down

(6) the impact of a sudden shutdown: part of the color cathode in the second half of the screw, has not fully melted, dispersed, then stopped in the chamber, still under high temperature baking, resulting in the role of lubrication from the additives will evaporate , Will become dry solidification of carbon. When the boot again, this part of the dispersion greatly reduced, and some will become a dough, the card in the machine out of the mouth into a barrier, resulting in stripes, and to eliminate this phenomenon, will be a longer The process of time, resulting in a lot of waste. If you do not change the color, but must be shut down, you can stop half an hour before the first to reduce the processing temperature within the barrel.

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