What Is Polyester Masterbatch Fiber?

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Polyester masterbatch Polyester or nylon and pigment mixture (or melt in polyester or nylon melt dye) Dye carrier content of up to 30% to 40% wt Color Masterbatch Production Special screw melt Polyester or nylon at a predetermined ratio with pigment Or dye mixed, sliced form of sale Pigment selection principle: compatibility with polyester or nylon 6, resistance to high temperature around 300 ℃, carrier bulk and needle fiber end of its solid (light, washable, wear)

Fiber masterbatch development prospects with the home industry policy adjustment and energy conservation and emission reduction policy support to strengthen the masterbatch coloring gradually occupy the traditional dyeing process market share of chemical fiber production accounted for 80% polyester polyester polyester industry masterbatch demand of about 250,000 Ton and every 30% speed increase I polyester fiber masterbatch total output of only about 30,000 tons and low-grade products fine denier, ultra-fine denier fiber masterbatch and functional masterbatch market demand urgent

The overall content is summarized as follows: Masterbatch fiber with masterbatch for spinning before the color recognition of environmentally friendly coloring produced fiber products

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